[Refer rule 11(2)]

Application form for Licence as Renewal of Dealers under the Legal Meterology Act,2009

Key points to be remembered while submitting the application form

  • The applicant having place of business in Delhi area can only Apply!

  • The fee for renewal of Dealer/Repairer/manufacturer License is Rs.100/-, Rs.100/- and Rs.500/- respectively for each year subject to a maximum of five Calendar years i.e. up to 31st December. The fee for renewal of licenses after 31st December will be done on an additional fee at full rates specified in Schedule IV of LM Act, 2009 if he is permitted by the Controller to make an application for the renewal of a licence within a period of three months only from the date of expiry of the licence. (The fees would Rs. 200/-, Rs. 200/- and 1000/- per year for dealer,repairer and manufacturer respectively if he applies after 31'st December.)

Approval Procedure

    After submitting the complete application by the applicant along with the requisite fee, the concerned LMO of the concerned Zone visits the premises of the applicant and if the functioning of the firm found as per guidelines of the department, he recommends the application for granting the license / registration to the competent authority through the concerned Zonal officer. Thereafter the competent authority after scrutinizing grants its approval / rejection. On grant of license, automatic SMS alert and e-mail is sent to the applicant on registered mobile number. Applicant can print license / registration certificate digitally signed by the competent authority online.