Result of Walk-in Interview for the post of Application Developers

A walk-in interview was conducted on November 7, 2012 to select the suitable candidates as Application Developers.  The selection committee recommended following two candidates suitable for the post of Application Developer.


 SlNo Name of Candidate 
1   Mr. Santosh Kumar (23)
2   Mr. Irfan Jafri (03)

A formal communication is being sent to the successful candidates.

In addition to that, the selection committee recommended following 17 candidates suitable for placing in a panel, valid for one year from the date of issue of this list. Agencies under Delhi Government may use this selection panel for recruiting IT manpower directly on same terms and conditions, in case, they wish so.


 SlNo Name of Candidate 
1 Ms. Divya Sexena (69)
2 Mr. Hariom Kumar Garg (120)
3 Mr. Ankur Gandhi (83)
4 Mr. Avinash Kumar (09)
5 Mr. Avinash Sharma (25)
6 Mr. Ayush Gupta (86)
7 Mr. Dharmendra Singh (26)
8 Ms. Hema Mehra (81)
9 Mr. Narayan Kumar Pandey (07)
10 Ms. Sangeeta (14)
11 Mr. Santosh Kumar (55)
12 Mr. Shivji Tripathi (15)
13 Mr. Sumeet Saini (98)
14 Mr. Sumit Mahajan (62)
15 Ms. Suparna Modak Dutta (06)
16 Mr. Udit Narayan Singh (91)
17 Mr. Vineet (113)

The agencies under Delhi Government may contact above mentioned candidates within one year for initiating a selection process to appoint technical IT manpower on same terms and conditions of Application Developers.